Written by: John Arndt, David Gungor, Ian Cron

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Original Key: D

D      Em                    Bm     G
When I    look into the face     of   my enemy
         D    Em              Bm    G
I see my    brother, I see my     brother [Repeat]
D    Em    Bm   G
Repeat Verse x2
   Em              G          F♯m         A
Forgiveness is the garment of our courage
    Em                   G             F♯m
The pow'r to make the peace we long to know
A           Em                          Bm     G         A
Open up our eyes to see the wounds that bind all of humankind.
                  Em                     Bm        G         A
May our shutter hearts greet the dawn of life with charity and love
Repeat Verse x4

When I look into the face
Of my enemy
I see my brother
I see my brother

Forgiveness is the garment
Of our courage
The power to make the peace
We long to know
Open up our eyes
To see the wounds that bind
All of humankind
May our shutter hearts
Greet the dawn of life
With charity and love

Copyright © 2015 Integrity’s Praise! Music/Brownie Hawkeye Music/BMI, The Brilliance And The Flyer Music/BMI

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