God Reigns In The Storm

Written by: Steve Cook, Vikki Cook

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There's a tempest that can flood the soul
When troubles pound like crashing waves
In these afflictions I have realized
There's a place that I can hide
I know that God has promised me His strength
And His word can never fall
He is faithful O so faithful

There are Sovereign hands holding all my days
Yes I know God reigns in the storm
Ev'ry trial and pain wisdom has ordained
Yes I know God reigns in the storm

There's a midnight that can fill the soul
When the darkness knows no end
And though it feels like I am all alone
There's a truth that gives me hope
I know the One whose counted all my tears
And He is nearer than my breath
He is with me always with me

There's so many things that I don't understand
But I know His ev'ry plan for me is good so good

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