Lost Coin

Written by: Robert C Evans

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Clink clink clink clink
Oh no the fifth coin is not there
Clink clink clink clink
Oh no I've looked for it everywhere

Clink clink clink clink clink
Oh boy the fifth coin is now there
Clink clink clink clink clink
Oh boy I've looked for it everywhere

A poor widow was a-sitting at a table
Her piggy bank in her hand
Counting out the money
That jingled inside
Always made her feel so grand
She shook it out on the table
Five times like she'd done before
Oh no she cried with tears in her eyes
There are only four

Well her knees got sore
As she crawled on the floor
Looking for the one lost coin
But all she found
Was a dirty old sock
And a piece of a broken toy

So she picked up the broom
And swept up the room
Poking in the nooks and crannies
Under the loom was a bottle of perfume
And false teeth that were granny's

So she picked up her light
And looked through the night
And you know what she found out
Why it was there
Right under the stair
So she gave a happy shout

Well the Lord has a light
And the Lord has a broom
And He knows how to use them too
He's a-poking and a-sweeping and a-looking
For a sinner lost like you
Well the Lord is so happy
When He finds us
He shouts with a big yahoo
Then He picks us up
Like a lost gold coin
To polish us good as new

Jesus looks for us everywhere

Copyright © 1985 Integrity's Hosanna! Music