I Surrender

Written by: Dave Bilbrough

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I Surrender As sung by: Dave Bilbrough

Writers: Dave Bilbrough

Original Key: G

Verse 1:
What love is this,    
That took my place?
Instead of wrath,    
                G/D       Dsus4
You poured Your grace on me.
     D        G
What can I do    

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That took my place?
Instead of wrath,
You poured Your grace on me.
What can I do
But simply come
And worship You?

I surrender, I surrender,
I surrender all to You.

What love is this
That comes to save?
Upon the cross
You bore my guilt and shame.
To You alone
I give my heart
And worship You.

A greater love
No man has seen;
It breaks sin's power
And sets the prisoner free.
With all I have
And all I am,
I worship You.

Dave Bilbrough  

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