God Makes Things Grow

Written by: Robert C Evans

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Oh grow grow
God makes things grow
Grow whatever seed I sow
From the heavens above
To the earth below
He's the One
Who makes things grow
He's the One
I want to know

Grow grow
Grow grow

God is a farmer
And He wants us to know
That He makes the flowers
And the trees to grow
He makes food
From the garden
And fruit from the tree
It's food for you
And it's food for me

God is a farmer
And He wants to see
We are the branches
And He's the tree
If we don't stay
Close to Him then
We'll fall off
Down into sin

God is a farmer
And He wants to hear
His return is growing near
When Jesus comes back
He'll want to see
That His love is growing
In you and me

Copyright © 1992 Integrity's Hosanna! Music