Welcome King Of Kings

Written by: Noel Richards

© 1991 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 1113445

Welcome King Of Kings As sung by: Noel Richards

Writers: Noel Richards

Original Key: G

G     D  C            G
Welcome, King of kings!
    D     C           D
How great is Your name.
G      D    C     G
You come in majesty
     C  D   G
 For ever to reign.
Verse 1.

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How great is Your name.
You come in majesty
Forever to reign.

You rule the nations,
They shake at the sound of Your name.
To You is given all power,
And You shall reign.

Let all creation bow down
At the sound of Your name.
Let every tongue now confess,
The Lord God reigns.

Noel Richards 

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© 1991 Thankyou Music