Wake Me Up

Written by: Elias Dummer, Eric Fusilier, Aaron Powell, Josh Vanderlaan

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How long how long will the river run dry
'Cause I'm so busy living I forgot to be alive
When I've lost count of the beat of Your heart
Come on come on won't You wake me up

Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up yeah

'Cause when you shine
You bring to light
Even the darkest of nights
Wake me up to shine

I'm comin' home like a prodigal son
And if home's where the heart is
Mine is in the hands of God
And that is just where my heart belongs
Turn on the light come on wake me up

Sleeper rise from the dead
Sing your songs instead
Right up to the end
Come on wake up
Sing out your songs of light in your darkest night
It'll be alright
Come on wake up wake up

You shine
You bring to light even the darkest of nights
You woke me up to shine

Copyright © 2011 Thankyou Music

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