No Limits

Written by: Isaiah-Raymond Dyer

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There's no limits
Just step to it
'Cos God said it
So you can do it
Don't hate don't doubt
Or you'll crash down
For real it's the real deal
God says no limits

You're wondering why you can't see
Some better days of prosperity
One day you're up then you're down
'Cos God's Word is not your ground
If you wanna see this thing
You gotta act on it to make it swing
You gotta cast your doubts aside
And begin to prophesy

If you wanna see impossible
Reach out and grab it it's tangible
Why you sitting down
Watcha waiting for
Nothing's impossible

Forces trying to blow your mind
Make you doubt the truth divine
Suggesting spiritual suicide
You gotta block that with the Word
Dare to live out God's Word
And every dream that's from on high
And can surely pierce the skies
To new realms you will rise

Copyright © 2003 Integrity's Hosanna! Music