Since I Found You

Written by: Isaiah-Raymond Dyer, Gillian Nembhard

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Since I found You there's been a change
In my life my life
You came rearranged and set me on my way
My way
I'm so grateful for the many blessings
You have given me
I've found much joy peace and stability
So I praise Your holy name

Since I found You
There has been a change
Since I found You
There has been a change

Now that I'm changed
I gotta tell somebody
Of the love You give continually to me
The way You touch my soul and life
It amazes me
You lifted my heart eternally
So I thank You for Your Word

Lord You are so special
Changed my life
Made me brand new

Don't know where I would be without You

This is a holy-poppin' tune and the beat is hype
It's all about God's Word so that's all right
God's Word's like a street lamp blazing
In your night
Shows you the difference
Between wrong and right
So if you wanna change and wanna know
Come on and see the Light to know where to go
Call upon the Name you'll never be the same
Jesus is the Light He forever reigns

Found You El-Shaddai
I've seen the Light
My life is not the same Lord since
You changed my name
Now I don't fear the night I'm walking
In the Light

Copyright © 2003 Integrity's Hosanna! Music