Song In The Midnight

Written by: Isaiah-Raymond Dyer, Gillian Nembhard

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Standing around looking
What do I see yeah
Sickness strife and pain
And so much poverty
Children having babies
No love for you or me
There is a solution
It's found in you and me

Brothers killing brothers
It never seems to end
No love no trust no nothing
On whom can you depend
Well I know a man called Jesus
Who'll be with you till the end
If you just trust Him trust Him
And He'll help you to stand

Because there's no need to worry
No need to fret
God has never failed me no
He's never failed me yet

He'll give you a song in the midnight
To cheer you along
So stand up and be encouraged
Let the weak say I'm strong

In the midnight

Let the weak say I'm strong

Thank You Jesus
Thank You Jesus
In the midnight

Let the weak say I'm strong

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