The Belle Of The Ball

Written by: Nancy Gordon, Jamie Harvill

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She was the belle of the ball
He had crowned her a princess
And for years she'd recall
Of the gifts that he gave
The best one of all
Was the night she became
The belle of the ball

She opened his bible
All yellowed with age
And found two faded roses
Pressed there on the page
That date with her daddy
Came alive in her mind
Blooming as a memory
Shining through time

They had gone for a bite
At the local cafe
And danced to a tune
That the old jukebox played
Daddy's words were not many
In fact they were few
And as he looked in her eyes
That night she knew

As he gave her the flowers
He smelled of Old Spice
For he was her hero
Prince Charming that night
Now he's passed away
She's got kids of her own
But the mem'ry they made
Still lives on and on

Now when times are not easy
And she doesn't feel strong
She remembers that dance
And she can still hear that song

Copyright © 1996 Integrity's Praise! Music, Mother's Heart Music