Goodnight World

Written by: Nancy Gordon, Jamie Harvill, Linda Walker

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Goodnight bunny
Goodnight squirrel
Goodnight chickie
Goodnight world
Goodnight world

Goodnight puppy
Goodnight bluebird
Goodnight kitty
Goodnight world
Goodnight world

All of God's creation
Has settled down tonight
So close your eyes my little one
And sleep till morning light

The funny little bunny
He hopped right into bed
And the bushy-tailed squirrel
Has begun to nod his head
The fuzzy yellow chickie
Doesn't even make a peep
It's time for all God's creatures
To go to sleep

The happy little puppy
Has settled down tonight
And the frisky little kitty
Is curling up so tight
And the bluebirds sing their lullaby
In their cozy nest
Yes it's time to go to sleep
And rest rest rest

Copyright © 1993 Integrity's Hosanna! Music