River Wash Over Me

Written by: Dougie Brown

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River Wash Over Me As sung by: Dougie Brown

Writers: Dougie Brown

Original Key: C

Verse 1:
C      G/B       F/A    C/G
River, wash over me,
F              G7      C/E    A7
cleanse me and make me new.
Dm7          G7          C       Bdim      A7
Bathe me, refresh me and fill me a   -  -  new,
Dm          C/G    G7   F/C    C
river, wash o   -  ver  me.
Verse 2:

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Cleanse me and make me new.
Bathe me, refresh me and fill me anew,
River wash over me.

Spirit, watch over me,
Lead me to Jesus' feet.
Cause me to worship and fill me anew,
Spirit, watch over me.

Jesus, rule over me,
Reign over all my heart.
Teach me to praise You and fill me anew,
Jesus, rule over me.

Dougie Brown

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