Let The High Praise of God

Written by: Philip Lawson Johnston

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Let the high praise of God be in our mouths
May the two edg'd sword be in our hands
Let the enemy fear for God is on the move
Let the fire within our hearts begin to burn

High praises to Jesus
His splendor we proclaim
High praises to Jesus
For the glories of His name
High praises to Jesus
The King upon His throne
We proclaim the high praises of God

Let the high wind of God blow through our midst
Let it fan the flames of zeal and purify
Let the Spirit proclaim that God is in control
May His kingdom rule be seen in all our lives

Let the high places where we long to dwell
Let the most holy place become our home
May our praise be mountain high our love be ocean deep
Lifting hands in celebration to the sky

Copyright © 1984 Thankyou Music