Written by: Mike Kerry

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RECONCILED, I'm reconciled,
I'm reconciled to God for ever;
Know He took away my sin,
I know His love will leave me never.
Reconciled, I am His child,
I know it was on me He smiled,
I'm reconciled, I'm reconciled to God.

Hallelujah, I'm justified, I'm justified,
It's just as if I'd never sinned,
And once I knew such guilty fear,
But now I know His peace within me.
Justified, I'm justified,
It's all because my Jesus died,
I'm justified, I'm justified by God.

Hallelujah I'll magnify, I'll magnify,
I'll magnify His name for ever,
Wear the robe of righteousness
And bless the name of Jesus, Savior.
Magnify the One who died,
The One who reigns for me on high,
I'll magnify, I'll magnify my God.

Copyright © 1984 Thankyou Music