When I Come Face To Face

Written by: Drew Land

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When I come face to face
With the One the angels praise
I'm in awe I'm amazed
With a God full of grace

It's the love You have shown
That allows me at Your throne
To adore and how I do
Father I'm in love with You

Here I am with lifted hands
I give You praise and I exalt Your holy name
With all I have
With all the strength that I can raise
And here I am once again
I lift my voice
With all the angels 'round Your throne
I adore and I worship You alone

I am in love I am in love with all my heart
With all my soul and all my mind
With all the strength I've ever known
I am in love I am in love with the King
And with His Son the One who loved
With His life and with His blood

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