At The Foot of the Cross

Written by: David Gate

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For all that You've done I'll sing praises,
For sending Your Son who would save me,
Pouring out grace at the cross
Where You died for me.
Through all of my life I've seen mercies,
Through hardship and strife You are with me,
By my side, You are good,
So good to me.

Through Your death You brought me life,
Took my shame, clothed me in white.

Lord, here I am, amazed again,
That You would die to save a friend.
You clear my sin and pay the cost,
So on my knees I'll stay,
At the foot of the cross.

Day after day I will worship,
For glory and grace, and for goodness,
With all of my life I will be Your living praise.
And Jesus,
I'll always look unto Jesus,
For guidance and strength and my focus,
Trying to live how You want Your child to be.

David Gate 

Copyright © 1999 Thankyou Music