Beautiful Wonderful Glorious Things

Written by: Nancy Gordon, Rhonda Scelsi

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Beautiful wonderful glorious things
Beautiful wonderful glorious things
I just want to praise You
With the songs that I sing
For these beautiful wonderful glorious things

You made the oceans blue
With the itty bitty fishes
That go swimming through
The water spouting whales
And the crocodiles
All the rivers that roam
For miles and miles

You made the trees so green
With the little feathered birdies
That go sing sing sing
The apples and the oranges
And the tangerines
The flowers and the bees
Pass the honey please

You made my family
A very special place
That's just for me
So many different people
Such a colorful crew
We love to get together
And sing to You

Beautiful wonderful
Beautiful wonderful
Glorious glorious things

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