How Good It Is

Written by: Lou Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham

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How Good It Is As sung by: Lou Fellingham

Original Key: G

Verse 1:
G    Am7    C2     C/D
  O God of love, I come to You again
G         Am7         C2
   Knowing I'll find mercy
G    Am7      C2   C/D              Em7
   I can't explain all the things I see
          G/B     Am7
But I'll trust in You
G/B   C2          G/B
  In every moment You are there

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O GOD OF LOVE, I come to You again,
Knowing I'll find mercy.
I can't explain all the things I see,
But I'll trust in You.
In every moment You are there,
Watching over, You hear my prayer.
You go before me, You're behind me,
Nothing's hidden from You.

How good it is to be loved by You,
How good it is.


O God of strength,
Your hand is on my life,
Bringing peace to me.
You know my frame,
You know how I am made,
You planned all my days.
Hand of mercy, hand of love,
Giving power to overcome.
If all beneath me falls away,
I know that You are God.

Who can stand against us?
In my weakness You are strong.
Your word is everlasting,
I will praise You, faithful One.

Louise & Nathan Fellingham

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