White Christmas

Written by: Israel Houghton, Martha Munizzi, Ricardo Sanchez

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Life used to be so dark and cold
A bitter wind blowin' thru my soul
But now I've gotta let you know
Everything changed it's a miracle

Hard to explain how it came to be
Yesterday I was blind today I see
This love I have so wonderful
'Cause everything changed it's a miracle

Oh what a beautiful season
Oh and Jesus is the reason

It's gonna be a white Christmas
Into the new and out of the old
Though my sins were red as crimson
Now they're white as snow

It's gonna be a white Christmas
The past is passed away
And it's a brand new day because of Jesus
It's gonna be a white white Christmas

This can be the year for change
Where Christmas happens everyday
And joy returns to you in full
This is your day for a miracle

Dreams and destiny renewed
What He's done for me He can do for you
So open up your heart once more
This is your day for a miracle

More than just a fantasy
It can be reality
If you believe it's not a dream

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