Take Me In

Written by: Brian Houston

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Take me in won't You take me home
To the place where I was born
Where I can see Your face
And maybe start to relax
Take me in take me home
Won't You take me in
Take me home

Well I'm so tired of worry
Tired of being pushed around
I'm so tired of fretting
Tired of trying to reap
From stoney ground
And I'm so tired of strivin'
Trying to make things all work out
I'm so tired of my time bidin'
Waitin' for these prophecies
To come about

I know I dare to say these words
Covered up with shame
I know that I can call on You
To heal my pain

I'm so tired of being hungry
Tired of never having enough
I'm so tired of dissatisfaction
Tired of always feeling like
I'm getting it rough
And I'm so tired of explaining
So tired of trying to justify
Tired of hearing myself complaining
Then again I'm tired of people
Trying to wipe my eye

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