Awake My Soul

Written by: Owen Hurter

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Awake my soul rise up from your sleeping
Do not slumber or sleep anymore
Raise your weary head to a new day
Lift your shout let your voice be heard

Rocks will cry out if we are silent
Trees will clap their hands and rejoice
The mighty ocean roars with a new song
Mountains bow down to honor Your name

Rise up my soul and sing
Rise up my soul and sing
Rise up my soul and give
Glory to the Lord

Let the song of a bride in blooming
Thunder clap through the heavens above
Rising up in true adoration
Arise and shine for Your light has come

I don't want to sleep anymore
But I'll awake the dawn with singing
Hear this crying heart of mine
As I lift up my song

Lift it up lift it up lift it up

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