Hold On

Written by: Joseph Pace II

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There may be a problem in your life
That's got you down
Sleepless nights wondering why
Peace cannot be found
I know you might be weary
As you struggle through each day
But don't give up and don't give in
God's gonna make a way

You gotta hold on (hold on)
For it won't be long (be long)
Don't lose your song (be strong) hold on hold on
Hold on hold on my brother (hold on)
The storm won't last long
Just keep the faith stand strong
Hold on hold on

Sometimes you feel so all alone
Like no one really cares
God has a plan He understands
And He'll always be there
The race does not go to the swift
Neither the strong
But to the one that can endure
If you just hold on

I know it may seem dark right now
But don't give up the fight
Remember that your weeping
Will endure for just a night
Every single promise
The Lord made to you is true
So just hold fast you will last
God will see you through

Hold on the storm is passing over
Just a little while longer you just

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