Written by: Tim Hughes

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Redeemer As sung by: Tim Hughes

Writers: Tim Hughes

Original Key: F

F   Am7   B♭
Verse 1:
F    Am7    B♭
Jesus    Redeemer
F          Am7     B♭
Friend and King to me
      F    Am7    B♭
My refuge     My comfort

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Friend and King to me.
My refuge, my comfort,
You're everything to me.
And this heart is on fire for You,
Yes, this heart is on fire for You.

For You alone are wonderful,
You alone are Counselor,
Everlasting Father,
Mighty in the heavens.
Never to forget the love
You displayed upon a cross,
Son of God, I thank You,
Prince of Peace, I love Your name.

Savior, Healer,
Just and true are You.
Now reigning in glory,
Most high and living God.
And this heart is in awe of You,
Yes, this heart is in awe of You.

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