My Hope

Written by: Glenn Packiam

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When my heart is overwhelmed
Lead me to the Rock that's higher
When my feet are sinking down
Lift me up to walk on water

I will be still and know You are my Father
My eyes will be fixed on You alone

I put my hope in You there's nothing else to do
Through every valley I know You're by my side
For my life is in Your hands

Though my bed is filled with tears
Still You're here to remind me
There is more than what appears
Grace from Heaven now abounding

Your love will never fail
Your mercies are new each day
Through every circumstance my hope will stand
For my life is in Your hands

For my life is in Your hands
Yeah my life is in Your hands
I know my life is in Your hands

Copyright © 2009 Integrity Worship Music

Writers: Glenn Packiam

Themes: Faith, Hope

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