When He Comes

Written by: Sue Read

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When He comes we'll see just a child
No warrior Lord but a baby so mild
The Lord says 'Bethlehem though you are but small
In you shall be born the King '
When He comes when He comes

When He comes His reign shall bring peace
When He comes all fighting shall cease
Men shall hammer their spears into pruning hooks
And prepare for battle no more
When He comes when He comes

And on that day there will be laughter
On that day joy ever after
No more tears for the Lord
Will wipe them all away
And on that day men shall be brothers
Reconciled to God and each other
The world shall see the King in His glory
When He comes

When He comes He'll be of David's line
The mighty God and Ruler divine
They'll call Him Wonderful and Counselor
And His kingdom shall never cease
When He comes when He comes

Copyright © 1985 Thankyou Music