We Come To You

Written by: Michael Sandeman

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We come to You
Who made the heavens and the earth
And sustain it by the power of Your word
Without beginning and without end of days
You who rule in holy splendor
We come to bring You praise and worship

We bring You praise
Almighty Father on the throne
The highest praise
Unto the Spirit and the Son
You reign in glory and in power and in light
And You will always have our praise
And You will always have our praise

We come to You our King
Who watched creation fall
But You have made a way
For us to be restored
You so loved us You sent Your only Son
Who has beaten sin and death
So we will raise our hands and voices

We come to You the One
Of whom the angels sing
Falling down before
The mighty sovereign King
Your reign is righteous
Your promises are true
You're enthroned above the heavens
Now we will worship You forever

Misc 1

Now we worship now we sing
How we love You we adore You

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