Miracle For You

Written by: Alvin Slaughter

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God has a miracle for you
God has a miracle for you
Just hold on to His promise
He's faithful and true
God has a miracle for you
Yes God has a miracle for you

When your world breaks
And shatters before you
And you can't tell
The night from the day
When the devil tries hard
To diskourage you
Stumbling blocks seem
To get in the way

Only keep your eyes
Stayed on Christ Jesus
Don't look back
Just press on come what may
He'll always bring you through
He knows just what to do
Yes new heights
You will gain everyday

Well He opened the eyes
Of the blind man
Spoke the word and unstopped
The deaf ears
And the woman who had
An issue of blood
Was made whole
After so many years

Jesus said that
He will never forsake you
In those times
You don't know what to do
Yield to the Master today
Lift your hands give Him praise
For I know the Lord
Will fix it for you

Copyright © 1993 Integrity's Hosanna! Music