He Is The Mighty God

Written by: Carol Owen

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He is the mighty God
He is the risen King
He is the Lord of lords
He is the First and Last
He is holy He is true
He is the Lord of lords

And we know He is coming back again
In pow'r and glory
He is coming back again to claim His people
He is coming back again
To bring His children home with Him
Home with Him

He is the One who gave
His life for all the world
He is the Lord of lords
Who rose up from the grave
Defeated death and hell
He is the Lord of lords

He's coming in the clouds
And ev'ry eye shall see
He is the Lord of lords
Then ev'ry knee shall bow
And ev'ry tongue proclaim
He is the Lord of lords

Copyright © 1997 Thankyou Music

Writers: Carol Owen

Themes: Second Coming, Kingship

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