Heavenly Father

Written by: Matt Marvane

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Heavenly Father As sung by: Matt Marvane

Writers: Matt Marvane

Original Key: C

Chorus 1:         C       AmHeavenly Father, let Your name be praised;Bb                    GYou are my everything,   my everything.         Am                 F#m(b5)Heavenly Father, no one can love like You do;Dm7             Abmaj7(b5)           CAll that I have           comes from You.Verse:

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Heavenly Father
Let your name be praised
You are my everything, my everything
Heavenly father
No one can love like you do
All that I have comes from you

You are my hope
You are my peace
You are my joy
My precious friend
Strong in your love
I walk with you
I  trust in you

I’m alive, I’m alive because of you

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© 2014 Integrity's Praise! Music