We're Coming With A New Style

Written by: Doug Horley, Lindsey West

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We're coming with a new style
Gonna get wild
Gonna make you smile
It'll flip you up turn you upside down
Gonna make you shout flip you inside out
It's the one sure thing that I know here
It's the God sure thing gives me no fear
The cross turned the cost to me from being lost
Now its time to make Him the Boss

Left to right get your hands up
Front to back everybody get your hands up
Tick tock its time to get your hands up
Yeah here we go here we go here we go so

Jump to the left everybody with me
Jump to the right for the world to see
Jump to the front then take it right back
Cos Jesus came to save me
Jump jump to the left everybody with me
Jump jump to the right for the world to see
Jump jump to the front then take it right back
What'd he do He saved me

Verse two oh it's on the same tip
Gonna hit you with another rhyme on another trip
With a lesson and a style as we flip this wild
About a man with a plan loves you like His child
So if you're with me and you want it
And you wanna get up on it
Then you'd better get on it
In a place deep within it
Cos He's always gonna be there
And He's never gonna leave ya
No He's never gonna leave you like that

I say you say we say Jesus
Jesus rocks Clap

Copyright © 2005 Thankyou Music

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