We Believe

Written by: Martin Smith, Lydia McAllister, Paul Nelson

© 2015 Gloworks/Thankyou Music & Bright City Collective Ltd | CCLI: 7043164

We Believe As sung by: Bright City

Original Key: C

Verse 1:
Am                          F
  You're the light that shines
into the dark,
You can break these chains
around my heart.
Jesus, hope to all,

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You’re the Light that shines
Into the dark
You can these break these chains
Around my heart
Jesus hope to all
You’re the only way
Jesus there is power
In Your Name (x2)

We believe You’re stronger than the grave
We believe that You’re the God who saves
We believe that You can do all things
Jesus we believe

You embraced the Cross, our greatest gift
You endured this death, so we can live
Jesus rising up like the morning sun
Death has lost its power
You have won (x2)

There’s one Name
One Name we’re lifting high
King Jesus, Yours is the Name
There’s one hope

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© 2015 Gloworks/Thankyou Music & Bright City Collective Ltd