Kiss The River

Written by: Paul Oakley

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I still remember falling to the floor
And now I often wonder
How I ever dared to let You come
Even closer
Closer than the air around me
Underneath my skin

And I remember
Sitting down beside the river
The water moving
Heaving like a living, breathing thing
Coming closer
I was strangely drawn, and then I
Heard You call my name

And now I'm drowning
Drowning in Your life
Somehow I'm living, I'm living just to die
Just like the river rolls into the sea
So I surrender to the sweetest love
Rolling over me

It's funny
How the memory can fade
But then I'm still reminded
When I smell the rain and I feel
Moved to kneel and live it all again
And I try to kiss the river

And now I'm dying, just to live again
And I am longing
Waiting till the rain becomes a river
Swelling like a flood
So I can dive into the sweetest love

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