This Is A Mystery

Written by: Robin Mark

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This is a mystery the Father set in place
From the foundation of the world
Concealed in history
Unfolding grace on grace
A Son revealed by virgin birth
The signs that the prophets longed for
They searched for this coming King
These things that were hidden
The Spirit of Christ revealed

Jesus Christ, the ransom for many
The way and the truth the life
The Lamb who was slain
For every sin that scars Your creation
The price was paid at the Cross
How can we not but praise You
Jesus Christ?

And in these latter years
So shall Your grace endure
And shall Your glory never cease
Against the power of hell
Against the power of sin
Your holy kingdom will increase
So Lord send Your Holy Spirit
Convicting this world of sin
Like a light in this darkness
Pointing the way to Him

You are robed in might and power
And Your glory never fails
You're incomparable in beauty
Where the beauty will not fade
And You have called  us to a battle
You have called us to a life
And You equip us with Your power
You have bought us with a price

You are Alpha and Omega
My Beginning and my End
You're the ransom paid for many
You're the poorest sinner’s friend
And You were humbled as a servant
Though You are the King of kings
You speak words of grace and mercy
And there is healing in Your wings

Whom have I in heaven but You
Holy One, Holy One?
Jesus Christ the righteous One
Holy One of God

There is one who stands against You
The deceiver of the lost
And he has taken many captives
Who have wandered from the cross
But my heart is with Your Kingdom
And we will storm the gates of hell
In the power of Your Spirit
They can never once prevail

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