My Fault

Written by: Stuart Townend

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It's been a while since we sat and tried;
It's like our demons keep us on the run.
Though little lines reveal the pain inside,
You don't want anyone to keep you warm.

Your perfect armor keeps the sun at bay;
No chink of light allowed to pierce the gloom.
Though there's a million things I want to say,
Each word just echoes round the room.

My head is aching,
And my heart is breaking.
I can't stop from thinking
As I watch you sinking -
It's my fault.

I saw the light go out behind your eyes,
Some selfish fellow couldn't help himself.
And though the clouds were gathering inside,
I never heard the silent screams for help.

Yet when I try to scale these barricades
To reach the you I know that's deep within,
Get caught on every single trap you've laid,
And I just hit the ground again.

Don't know how long I'll sit behind this door,
Until you build a little moat one day
Around a castle that can't be ignored,
Where no one ever comes to stay.

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