High Wire

Written by: Paul Oakley, Martin Cooper

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Will I have to wait all day
To find the strength to come to You
All I hear You say
Is just to put my trust in You
You stand with open arms
Only further than the stars
How I long to reach for You

Stepping out on the wire
I'm placing all my faith in You
Catch me if I fall
Never let me stray from You
Or become the circus clown
Look ahead but don't look down
As I try to fix my gaze on You

Oh I believe in You
And I'm in need of You
And I think it's overtime
I put my life on the line

And You placed Your hope inside
You gave me wings to fly
Carried me up here with You
And I could touch the sky
I know I'm home and dry
Placing all my hope in You

Now I'm standing on the truth
I realize how safe I am
And I'm holding on to You
I'm never looking back again

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