We Choose To Trust You

Written by: Jennie Lee Riddle, Patrick Ryan Clark

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There are things we can't comprehend
Things we would change but alone You are God
You have Your own ways
When we don't understand
We will hang on to You
We will not condemn
Or ask that You prove who You are
Who You are

You are always good
We believe that
You are always good
Your ways are perfect
We choose to trust You
We choose to trust You, God

As we look back over the times
You have always been there
Our history finds that You are faithful
When tides turn and the winds blow
You still beckon us forward
To meet You on water out where we will overcome

When everything that can be shaken, shakes
May we be found in You, may we remain
To honor and to bless your name
As keepers of the faith

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