Without You

Written by: Leslie Jordan, David Leonard, Hillary McBride

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I may not have found you before my hands were worn
But you come like the clouds rushing in with the storm
So I wait in the wings of this tired house, alone

I may not have known you before my heart was stolen
But I’d take it all back if I’d known it was yours
In a heartbeat, a heart
‘Cause my heart won’t beat without you

Without you, without you
My whole life would be in vain
Without you, without you
There’s no beauty in this pain
But with you my heart will beat again
With you

I took you for granted too many times before
I piled all my burdens right outside your door
But your steadfast love came and carried me back home

You’ll never leave me
Never forsake me

Copyright © 2012 Integrity's Alleluia! Music, Integrity's Praise! Music, Dayspring Music LLC

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