Your River's Wide Enough

Written by: Jennie Lee Riddle, Bernie Herms

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The heavens open up
And glory fills the skies
Angelic hosts assemble
Together with the Bride
The treasuries of God release and fall
Fall on us

For all the heavy laden
Know that God has heard
There's portion for the hungry
Provision for our thirst
Welcome to the table of the Lord
There's plenty for all

Love pours out
Grace flows down
You're everywhere, all around
Your mercy runs, a vast supply
Healing rains from Your side
Your river's wide enough
Your river's wide

The weary find their solace
In restoration's heart
The broken find their comfort
In the Savior's scars
We are free to come as we are
To Redemptions arms

Wide enough to drown the sins of every living soul
Wide enough to hold the earth so no one is alone
Wide enough to bring the heavens down so we would know
That You're wide enough to carry us all the way, all the way home

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