I Waited Patiently

Written by: Beth Redman, Esther Alexander, Nathan Fellingham, Nigel Hemming

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I waited patiently
You turned and heard my cry
And then You lifted me out of the mire
You set my feet on rock, a whole new life for
Me, and now You've given me
A brand new song to sing

You, You were there when I was lonely
You, You gave Your love to me
You, You put the pieces back together
You have set me free

I can't forget Your love,
How You've forgiven me
Now You've redeemed my life
From all the sorrow
My soul finds rest in God
Hope comes from the cross
A strong and true refuge
And my salvation

You heard my prayer
You listened to my cry
You heard my prayer
And I've been lifted up

My life, it used to be unclean
Things visible and unseen
But I have now been treated
As I deserve to be
High as the heavens above
Such is the depth of His love
So now I lift up my soul
And praise my Savior, yeah.

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