Can I See Your Face

Written by: John Ellis

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Sitting in my room waiting for a train
What will bring me back to Your arms again
I've shuffled through them all and every time You won
Is there nothing new underneath the sun?

I don't want to ask You for a sign
I don't need all my tears turned into wine
And even though I love You anyway:

Can I see Your face?
Can I see Your face?
Nothing's standing in Your place
Can I see Your face?

Standing in the cold - searching the stars
Trying to figure out just where You are
Get me on my knees - shake me to the bone
Leave a message on my answer phone

I'm sorry I strained my eyes to see
Some things should remain a mystery
But who put this desire in my heart?
Touch my eyes - fill my head
My brand new shoes, heavy as lead
I want to see Your face, want to touch those scars
Tell me where You've gone?!

Can I see Your face?
Can I see Your face?
You the author of my faith
Can I see Your face?

Can I See Your Face?

Copyright © 2000 Birdwing Music, Near Bliss Music, Thankyou Music

Writers: John Ellis

Themes: Faith, Thirst for God