Written by: Nathan Fellingham

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If thereʼs someone who annoys you
Then chances are you probably annoy them too
And the problem might be with you

Stop checking out the speck in their eye
First remove the plank protruding that blocks your sight
Then you might be able to help put them right

Just remember all goodness comes from Him
In His pleasure He gives His grace to the meek
Without love nothing you do means a thing
Scripture tells us to be gentle and kind to each other
Always bearing with another

Is there bitterness inside you?
Did the sun go down with you still holding on so tight
To the anger you felt inside?

Then forgive those who have hurt you
With the measure you use it will be measured back to you
Let the peace of God rule over your mind

So make sure you take note of this
We should all be quick to use our ears and slow to speak
ʼs anger does not bring about
The righteous life that God desires from His bride
It was Christ who dies for us
The one who knew no sin was sacrificed so we could have life
And surely it is only this, surely it is only this, which can save any of us 

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