God Made Man

Written by: Nathan Fellingham

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God made man
Gave him rule over earth and sea
There was friendship and harmony
Between creator and humanity

Then temptation came
And foolishly man disobeyed
From then sin came into the world
And in his shame man could no longer
Stand in the presence of God

His thoughts became futile
His heart was darkened
And he exchanged the truth of God for a lie Worshipedcreated things
Rather than God Himself
Given over to his shameful desires

But God had a plan
To reconcile His people back to Him
Unfolding down through history
For He so loved the world
That He gave to man His only son
And punished Him instead of us

Bruised for me
He was hung upon a tree
Mocked and cursed for all to see The Lord and Savior of humanity

Then the darkness came
Evil thought heʼd won the day
But death could not hold on to Him
And on day three he rose again
The price was fully paid 

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