Written by: Elias Dummer, Eric Fusilier, Josh Vanderlaan, Aaron Powell

© 2015 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 7040703

Shout As sung by: The City Harmonic

Original Key: G

Verse 1:
  Burst into new song,
sing out in wide-eyed wonder:
  look at what He's done
    C             D
for you and I and all the earth.
  Stained glass and steeples

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Burst into new song
Sing out in wide-eyed wonder
Look at what He’s done
For you and I and all the earth
Stained glass and steeples
From Cairo to California
A portrait of people
Painted by the grace of God

Strike up the band
Shake the ground, let’s shout
The streets they will ring with the sound
Let’s shout!
There’s joy in the noise as we bring
Our praise to the King
Our praises we...

Roar with the ocean
Cheer with the raging river
Move with the mountains
Dancing in their jubilee
We’ve all been waiting
For the grand finale
Creatures, creation
Echoing in harmony

He saved us from ourselves and then
He saved us from our sin
He saved the world from end to end
Made peace again

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