Wait For You

Written by: Michael Farren, Rebecca Hart, Mark Harris

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Original Key: Em

Verse 1:
Em             G
Here, in the silence,
Cmaj7         Am9
Hushed by holiness,
Em              G             Cmaj7          Am7
Here, You are closer than the beating in my chest.
           Em        G         C   Am
    I will wait for, wait for You.
    Em        G         C    Am
    Wait for, wait for You.  Oo. [3. Yeah] [Repeat, but not 1st time]
Verse 2:
Em              G
Here, all my weakness,
Cmaj7                Am9
Fades into Your strength.
Em               G         Cmaj7            Am7
Here, I will trust You, completely, unrestrained.
Em         G       C            Am7     Em
  Dust and   glory    meet here face to face;
       G            C        Am
Beauty,   splendour hold my gaze. [Repeat 

Here in the silence
Hushed by holiness
Here You are closer than the beating in my chest

I will wait for
Wait for You
Wait for
Wait for You

Here all my weakness
Fades into Your strength
Here I will trust You completely unrestrained

Dust and glory meet here face to face
Beauty, Splendor hold my gaze

Copyright © 2015 Integrity's Alleluia! Music, Farren Love and War, Gateway Create Publishing, GWC Publishing

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