Waves Of Love

Written by: Dave Kull, Debora Sita, Thamara Lehmann

© 2015 ICF Music & Integrity's Praise! Music | CCLI: 7058337

Waves Of Love As sung by: ICF Worship

Original Key: A

F♯m7   Esus4    A   D   A/C♯    Esus4
Verse 1:
F♯m7   E           A             D   A/C♯   E
    I  breathe You in, Spirit of God
F♯m7     E        A                D   A/C♯   E
    Your presence here fills up my heart

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I breathe You in
Spirit of God
Your presence here
Fills up my heart

You overwhelm me like the dawn
Shine on me with grace and love
And everything else just fades to gray
oh oh oh

You cover me endlessly
Waves of Your love washing over me
You are the tide that will carry me
Carry me in Your arms

There’s nowhere I’d rather be
Than here at the mercy of my great King
I’m letting go
I can be still
You cover me endlessly

You hold me close
Spirit of God
Come strip away
The layers of my heart

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© 2015 ICF Music & Integrity's Praise! Music