Wide Open Spaces

Written by: Debora Sita

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Wide Open Spaces As sung by: ICF Worship

Writers: Debora Sita

Original Key: G

C     Em     G2     D
Verse 1:
You took the cross and tore the veil
Em                                   G
Doors unlocked, our lives forever changed
By unswerving love

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You took the cross
And tore the veil
Doors unlocked
Our lives forever changed
By unswerving love

We leave the corner
Of our fear
And from the clearing
Your voice draws us near
We hear Your freedom call

You are the compass
You lead the way
To wide open spaces
We will follow You
(As) Far as the heavens
Grace made a way
And wide open spaces
Are what we find in You

On narrow roads
You lead the way
Along the ridges
Your hands keep us safe
We never walk alone

The giants that
We face today
Tomorrow will seem small
And fade away
For You have overcome

Even in the valley
Where our steps may falter
You are there so we won’t go astray
Speak to our faith
Teach our hearts to hold on
Shadows fade and death will not prevail

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