Written by: Debora Sita, Leon Seierlein

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Wonder As sung by: ICF Worship

Original Key: C

C       Csus4     Em/B       Csus4/F
Verse 1:
C                    Csus4   Em/B
  Find me here on my knees again
                           Csus4/F    C
Heart on my sleeve I can't hold it in
                    Csus4    Em/B
I've been here many times before

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Find me here
On my knees again
Heart on my sleeve
I can’t hold it in
I’ve been here
Many times before
Still I keep
Coming back to you

In wonder
Nothing moves me like You
Holds my heart like You do
In wonder
I will sing of Your love ever more

Who You are
And what You’ve done for me
My heart completely
All I’ve come to know
Could not compare
I can only stop and stare

Your glory reigns
My words and songs will fade away
But who You are will never change
Forever I will praise Your name x 2

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© 2015 ICF Music & Integrity's Praise! Music