Father God

Written by: Dave Bilbrough

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Father God As sung by: Dave Bilbrough

Writers: Dave Bilbrough

Original Key: E

Verse 1:
A/C♯   B/D♯  E  Esus4    E
Fa  -  ther  God, 
C♯m    A    B
Fill   this place 
A/C♯  B/D♯  E    Esus4    E
With  Your  love, 
A    C♯m7   B
With Your   grace.
As we call 

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FATHER GOD, fill this place
With Your love, with Your grace.
As we call on Your name,
Visit us in power again.

Lord, we worship You.
Lord, we worship You.

Spirit come with Your peace;
Heal our wounds, bring release.
Lord we long for Your touch,
Fill our hearts with Your love.

Dave Bilbrough

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© 1995 Thankyou Music