Our Story Our Song

Written by: Dustin Smith, Krissy Nordhoff, Jonathan Walker

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Original Key: G

 G           Em7     C
Oh,   oh,    oh,     oh    x2
Verse 1:
  Once bound by fear, so lost in sin
Em7                 C
  We needed rescue,    then You broke in
  You poured out hope, shattered our doubt
Em7                        C
  Became the love we can't live without, oh
G                   C    Em7                 C
This, this is our story, this, this is our song
       G                       C
We are praising, praising our Savior
            Em7                    C         G
All the day long, all the day long   [Oh] [to end]
Verse 2:
  We've seen Your power, we've seen You move,
Em7                  C
  There is no end to   what You can do.
  'Cause we were dead, but, we're now alive,
Em7                  C
  Saved by the resurrected Christ.
Intro x2
Em7                      C
Nothing's gonna keep our voices silent
G/B                      D
Nothing's gonna bind us, we are free
  Em7                       C
Nothing's gonna shake these hearts united
G/B                      D
Nothing's gonna stop our testimony

Once bound by fear, so lost in sin
We needed rescue, then You broke in
You poured out hope
Shattered our doubt
Became the love we can’t live without

This, this is our story
This, this is our song
We are praising, praising our Savior
All the day long, all the day long

We’ve seen Your power
We’ve seen You move
There is no end to what You can do
‘Cause we were dead
But, we’re now alive
Saved by the resurrected Christ

Nothing’s gonna keep our
Voices silent
Nothing’s gonna bind us
We are free
Nothing’s gonna shake these
Hearts united
Nothing’s gonna stop our testimony

Copyright © 2016 Integrity's Alleluia! Music/Nordinary Music/Integrity's Praise! Music/Prestonwood Creative Publishing

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